Notes for Contributors

Burma Review welcomes original research paper, articles, news reviews, photographs from Burma scholars and  observers on any of the themes related with Burma’s Politics, Economy and History. However we prefer articles on the contemporary situation of Burma. When there are major developments in the field of study after their submission, authors can send a revised version. Contributors are requested to send articles that are complete in all respects, including references, as this facilitates quicker processing. Authors are requested that before offering contributions, please carefully read and study our content, style of recent posts. Burma Review will acknowledge every contribution and publish authors name at the top of the article. Authors are requested to submit articles not more than 2000 words in length, but longer, in-depth contributions are also welcome. All submissions will be acknowledged immediately on receipt with a reference number.

Send your submissions to  Burma Review’s editorial department, at the email address:


5 Comments on “Notes for Contributors”

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  2. Thi Ha Says:

    I am Thi Ha, live in Thailand now , come from Burma, our country lack at everything , i mean at education , ethic religions, economic, freedom of express, write, speak , freedom of democracy and human right.

  3. Rajshekhar Says:

    Dear Thi Ha,
    I can well understand your sufferings. May almighty God give you strength and all his blessings to fight with circumstances.

    Take care of yourself,

    Your miles away friend from India,

    Burma Review

  4. MYO MIN LATT Says:

    What about our country? Our country has always arrest taking place under military junta!
    That why? Why they always lie upon publics? Why they lie at NEWS? Why they lie toUN ?Why they lie? Why they lie? Why they lie? lie? lie? lie? …….?


  5. Rajshekhar Says:

    Dear Myo Min Latt,
    You know any rulers only lie to its people to remain in power and enjoy priviledges emerging from those powers. People know that every thing in life is momentary but they run for money, power and false priviledges. However, one can lie once or twice but not everytime because people sitting all across the globe are not fool. You have a great leader like – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with you and I think she will lead the nation in right direction and things would improve soon.

    Your friend from India!
    Sincerely yours,

    Burma Review

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