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Say Apple – An Apple, Mango – A Mango, Monkey – A Monkey, don’t make a monk – Thief!

November 2, 2009

(First published on on 30th October 2009)

By: Vijay ‘Bidrohi’

A curious student, hungry for knowledge, asked his teacher a very difficult question – “how to follow Gandhi’s philosophy in current materialistic world to serve humanity”? After a little pause & thought, the teacher replied, it is very simple, start saying – apple – an apple, mango – a mango, monkey – a monkey but don’t make a monk & spiritual person like –Holy Dalai Lama – a thief!

Then equally difficult student asked, if I have to say – a Dragon – a Rabbit, a Monkey – a Parrot, a Mango – an Apple, a Chimpanzee – a Fox, a lovely tender Rose – a Stone, what I would do? The teacher replied – “become an Ambassador or join diplomatic service” or “membership of ruling political party of walled kingdom”. Then, the curious student unsatisfied with the answers of his master asked again – “diplomatic services of which country”? The teacher quickly replied – Ambassadorship of any country will work, art of contemporary diplomacy is very scientific. It can make very simple thing appear complicated and complicated thing appear very simple. Student little confused with the answers, asked again – how come political party of walled kingdom figures into this? The teacher replied – ‘don’t you see my loved one, that, sometime, detention & house arrest of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi loved by the people of pagoda kingdom becomes an international problem for walled kingdom and sometimes an internal one! Student satisfied with answers, thanked his master, left him & walked towards countryside to spread the message singing – “Say apple – an apple, mango – a mango, monkey – a monkey, don’t make a monk thief…don’t make a monk thief…don’t make a monk thief…o…o…o…Great Holy Dalai Lama accept my salute!”




November 17, 2007

Junta Ready to Cooperate with UN

Artist: Pawan, Burma Review

Note: Please click on the cartoon to see full picture.

Burma Review is happy to introduce art work of Mr. Pawan, an ace cartoonist from India to its esteemed readers. Born in 1977, Mr. Pawan belongs to a new generation of cartoonist from the Bihar State of India, who soon found a respectable place in different national media organizations. He has drawn more than thousands cartoons till now on different streams of contemporary Indian social and political life for many reputed Indian media organizations like – The Times of India (English Daily), Navbharat Times (Hindi Daily), Dainik Jagran (Hindi Daily), Prabhat Khabar (Hindi Daily), Aaj (Hindi Daily) and a series of cartoons on Children’s rights for UNICEF entitled, “Crytoons”, which became soon talk of the town for his social-political concerns. His other famous brush strokes are on India’s leading politician, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader and present honorable Minister for Railways – Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav titled, “Laloo Toons”, “Laloo Lila” and “Kholna Mana Hai”. Once India’s mainstream English daily – “The Times of India wrote about him that, “He doodled his way into the world of cartoons. This talented boy knew that all he could do was to satirise and the passion continued.” Mr. Pawan is presently associated with India’s leading Hindi daily newspaper – “Hindustan”. I hope readers of Burma Review will see regularly his masterly strokes of brush to unfold the true picture of a great nation of Asia suffering under military rule and where ‘people’s queen’, Nobel laureate & disciple of Mahatma Gandhi – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is incarcerated under the umbrella of Gun.    


Editor, Burma Review