About Burma Review & You!

Dear Readers of Burma Review,

First of all, I welcome you on the web board of Burma Review for your valuable feedback’s in the comment section about your likes and dislikes posted on Burma. Being a researcher of Burma Studies, I have been thinking since long to bring other side of the truth of Burmese affairs now known as Myanmar since 1989. And this project on Burma as a weblog with great opportunity provided by WordPress is a small attempt to bring Burma nearer to you for some actions on your part to react on the contemporary condition of Burma.

However it is important to make clear that your Burma Review is not affiliated with any political party and organization of Burma or elsewhere. It is an independent web journal to exchange ideas and creative thoughts on Burma.

Thank you or Ce-zu tin-ba-deh for visiting Burma Review!!!


E-mail: burmareview@gmail.com


14 Comments on “About Burma Review & You!”

  1. Soe Win Says:

    Your site has only two articles at present. But both of them is very good and valuable for all of us who are Burmese or who are interested in Burma. Maintain quality than quantity is the best policy for your site.

  2. Paramita Das Says:

    Thanks a lot to Mr. Rajsekhar for creating the website on Burma studies. Being a researcher I feel it would be a tremendous contribution to the researchers like us.Another important thing is that as we are unable to go to Myanmar in a near future I think this website would help the world to exchange views with the burmans through their writings which would serve as mirror of their thought in the website.

    Keep it up. Wish you a very best of luck.

  3. Richard Says:

    Excellent blog, I look forward to future post.

  4. Biplove Choudhary Says:

    A very timely, unique and farsighted initiative on a theme which enjoys attention in inverse proportion to its importance in the world today. Commitment to the cause of Burma is commitment to the very cause of democracy and freedom. Bravo!! Keep it Up Raj Shekhar. All the Best!!

  5. Aung Kyaw Says:

    Thank you for writing wonderful entries. I hope you continue your good and very informative work and best of luck!

    By the way, “Kha-mya go kyay-zu tin ya ma.” (I should be the one thanking you.)

  6. Thank you Mr.Raj Sekhar
    I am a regular visitor of your website.It is really wonderful.It a make a history.Burma’s Cause really speaking has not remain only the cause of Burmese people. Some of your research work will be proved a light house for those in the line.
    Thank you again

    Myint Than Htu

  7. Rosy Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank alot.
    It will make a story. The research will support the wide vision of the today history.

    Thank alot.

  8. Praveen Singh Says:

    A small but timely initiative on the ‘forgotten land’. I hope this will provide the platform for academics and activists to post news and views on Burma that is otherwise not easily accessible. Congratulations Dr. Rajshekhar!

  9. Dan Says:

    I found very important information on this site.

    Thanks for your effort, Dr. Rajshekhar!.

    Burmese and other languages’ experts.


  10. John Says:

    Good luck on your important efforts!

    Asia Observer – http://www.asiaobserver.com – your portal to Asia

  11. hkham Says:

    This is a great blog. I also note it has a lot of overlap with a new online magazine you might be interested in: Asia Sentinel.

    The Sentinel covers politics, business, and culture in Asia, with in-depth news and analysis from some of the region’s most experienced journalists. I hope you’re interested in checking it out: http://www.asiasentinel.com.

    Many thanks,

  12. Dear Rajshekhar, Nice and informative site. It will certainly help the academicians, intellectuals, Journalists, politician to understand the complexities of Burma. Of course It will play a great role in building support for movement for democracy in Burma.
    Visit my hindi blogs

  13. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing on behalf of the Deutsche Welle Radio, Germany’s International Broadcaster, to let you know that since 4 October 2007, Deutsche Welle has increased its broadcasts to Burma.

    The one-hour English-language programme starts at 16.00 UTC (22.30 in Rangoon) and is focusing on the current situation in Burma.

    The German international broadcaster has also added another radio transmitter to its broadcasting station in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. This transmitter is especially directed at Burma and broadcasts on shortwave (9485 kHz).

    You can also receive our broadcast via satellite and the Internet: http://www.southasia.de, subscribe to the Podcast on
    http://www2.dw-world.de/southasia/interactive/Podcasting/1.224256.1.html and our newsletter on http://www2.dw-world.de/southasia/germany/1.227904.1.html

    Deutsche Welle’s CEO Erik Bettermann is convinced that “in the present situation, the people of Burma – a country where the media are not free – have to rely on information from abroad. As a voice for freedom, we are therefore increasing our capacities so that the reception for the English programme for Asia, and the crisis region, is of the highest quality.”

    Please feel free to pass this information onwards,

    Best wishes,

    Tobias Grote-Beverborg
    Managing Editor Asia Programs
    Deutsche Welle Radio
    D-53110 Bonn

    Tel.: +49.228.429-4704
    Fax: +49.228.429-4700
    Mobile: +49.173.7264291


  14. Rajshekhar Says:

    Dear Tobias,
    Please accept my sincere thanks for giving more time to the much needed attention on Burma since 4th of October. Since it inauguration on 3rd of May 1953, Deutsche Welle Radio has been always in the forefront in bringing truth before the fast changing world and through its Burma programme, it will certainly play a crucial role in the struggle of freedom in Burma. I totally agree with the thoughts and perception of your dynamic CEO Erik Bettermann that , “in the present situation, the people of Burma – a country where the media are not free – have to rely on information from abroad,” but we should also appreciate and thanks to those journalist and reporters, NLD activists as well as those people of Burma working inside in a great risks to bring truth before the world.

    I also hope that DW Radio will play a crucial role in realizing Germany’s increased role in the democratization of Burma and freedom of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi , apart from playing EU’s positive stand on the issue. You might be knowing that according to the official records of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Germany, in the year 2003, Germany supplied Burma with goods worth 19 million Euro and imported products of 97 million Euro. And imports from Burma includes machinery, electrical products etc. which directly helped the Generals not the people of Burma.

    I know that India has also developed rich economic relations since 1997 ‘Look East Policy’ initiatives, but I don’t support those change without significant change in military regime’s attitude towards Daw Suu Kyi and other political prisoners of Burma. We can’t run away by saying, that, since USA is supporting military dictatorship in Pakistan, So we should also support dictatorial regimes like Burma. As it would be betrayal against our great traditions established by our great leaders like – Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Phirojshah Mehta, Dadabhai Nairoji, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Nehru, Gandhi and many other great sons and daughters of India.

    Once again thanking you for informing me and readers of Burma Review about your very informative and relevant programme on Burma’s democratic struggle for freedom led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

    With best wishes,
    Burma Review

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