Burma Review back on Web: burmareview.com is now burmareview.org

Burma Review is back on web at blogger.com / Google facilities as – burmareview.org / burmareview.blogspot.com web site. The journey of Burma Review was started on 5th of December 2006 at wordpress.com as burmareview.wordpress.com and later

shifted to the domain name: burmareview.com (which has been now taken by the other interested group to destroy the purpose of the concerned domain name, so now please don’t visit burmareview.com, the story of losing domain name on word press would be explained on other occasions, the forces behind it could be well understood) The old posts of Burma Review will remain available at bumareview.wordpress.com


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One Comment on “Burma Review back on Web: burmareview.com is now burmareview.org”

  1. Don Parker Says:

    Ar rin bek ka pyaw dair
    (Aaron Beck, the psychiatrist, said)
    Nar nar khan sah dat hma khan sah hma
    (Only if you know how to suffer painfully)
    Yoo yoo moo moo go phyit nay hma
    (Only if you are crazy – crazy )
    Kyi myat tet a noot pyinnya lo
    (Can you appreciate a great work of Art)
    Hmoo hmoan hmaing way zay det dat poan model ma lay yay
    (Dear little photomodel who makes me dizzy)
    Kyi daunk kyi mah kya hma a thair kwair det yawgah det
    (They say it is a broken liver disease, a great and terrible one) [note: broken heart in Burmese is usually expressed as a broken liver]
    Than baung myah zwa thaw chit tat thu myah
    (Millions of those who know how to love)
    Shwe a teet cha hta thaw let myah phyint let khoak tee yway yair bar
    (Laugh and clap those gold-gilded hands)

    Saw Wai, January 10, 2008 The bold words describe Gen Than Shwe as a power-crazy madman

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