A Girl from Golden Land Wins ASEAN Design Competition

According to the news published by the Rangoon based “Myanmar Times & Weekly Review” (19-25 November 2007) reports by Nyunt Win, a ten year primary school girl student of the Golden Land – Ma Su Nandar Zaw Win, a grade-five student of Basic Education Primary School (2) in Botahtaung township of Rangoon, won the 2007 Postcard Across ASEAN Design Competition 

The concerned ASEAN design competition was organized by the Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Singapore Art Museum and was part of the recently concluded celebrations to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN.    

What are striking in Miss Ma Su Nandar Zaw Win’s drawings, are the features of Burmese traditional dances, snack foods and toys from Burma, reflecting a mixed growth of tradition with modernity in contemporary Burma’s new talented generation of artist? In the Asean design contest, students from six to twelve years of age group had been invited to draw a design something to share their country’s unique heritage in any medium, as well as to introduce him or her on the postcards. And the competition involved distributing 10,000 blank postcards to each of the ten ASEAN member nations posing a tough challenge for Southeast Asian student participants.   

However, the award money is of little value of one hundred Singaporean dollars but the prestige associated with it indicates the creative talents of Burmese girls, whose seniors like – Mrs. Mie Mie, Mrs. Nilar Thein, Naw Ohn Hla etc. actively and courageously participated in large numbers in August-September 2007 monks protests in Burma against the authoritarian rule and freedom of Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.       

(The End)  


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