Junta Accepts Pouncing Bullets on Peace Protestors

On 15th of October 2007, Burma’s official media “The New Light of Myanmar” came up with a fabricated news story written by Kyaw Min Lu (Shwepyitha) entitled, “Attempts to harm amicable ties” (page no. 8-9), on the killing of Japanese journalist – Mr. Kengi Nagai to cover up the brutal killing’s and to maintain emerging friendly relations with Japan, as well as seeing impending visit of UN Special envoy Mr. Ibrahim Gambari this weekend to Tokyo on UN Secretary General’s special mission to solve Burma crisis.

While explaining the incident Mr. Kyaw Min Lu unknowingly accepts that, Security forces fired bullets on peace protestors, in which monks had been participating in large numbers. He writes, that, “It is impossible for security members to know who is who and to differentiate between nationals and foreigners in handling a protest. Indeed Myanmar’s and Japanese are the same, Asians, so the security members could not know immediately he was a Japanese and whether he was a protester or a correspondent. What is sure in that regard is that security members had to target the ones in the front of the crowd to stop the protest? The Japanese correspondent caused his tragic end by getting among the protesters.” However earlier, the SPDC had been constantly denying to international community, UN and ASEAN that, any harsh measures had been taken to suppress the peace protestors in Burma for rising commodity prices and freedom of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi & other political prisoners.

Although, the ruling military junta has tried their best of intellectual ability to cover up the gruesome shocking incident, however, their explanation that, “Myanmar’s process to disperse protesters is somewhat different from that of other countries and security forces have to show great patience in handling such cases,” shows the real story behind the scene, as if Myanmar Security forces under SPDC had been of other Galaxies. Interestingly, the story further says that, the Japanese reporter came on tourist visa, so he should have acted like tourists. However, it is a well known fact that, when protests had been going on in Rangoon in the months of August-September 2007, how difficult had been for foreign correspondents to get journalist visa to cover the news? Junta’s article also suggests certain journalistic norms to be followed by reporters and shockingly says, that, “I do not think any correspondent without evil spell would go there at such a time. I am sure ordinary correspondents would try to collect news, from a safe place”, so world media should also learn that, in future they should close their foreign news desks and request junta to send news from safe places?

In addition, regarding Mr. Nagai’s family members request of returning his Sony Video Tape recorder, it says, that, “It is very hard to identify how his tape recorder was lost amidst the protesters who were in disorder due to security forces dispersing the crowd. Security forces did not collect it. I understand the desire of his family that wants to get back the recorder to be kept for remembrance.”

Moreover, apart from RFA, VOA and BBC as saboteurs, airing skyful of lies, one new international media was also added in the military junta’s propaganda list, which is now AFP news agency, from which great Japanese photographer, true to his profession – Mr. Kengi Nagai belonged and I hope many more international media will be added in near future.



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