United Nations Security Council and Freedom from Fear in Burma (Part – 1)

On 1st of January 2007, when the world would be celebrating New Year’s arrival with great gaiety; five nations of the UN community – Belgium, Indonesia, Italy, Panama and South Africa will be taking their two-year elected term of non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council with the departure of Argentina, Greece, Japan, Denmark and United Republic of Tanzania from the Security Council board. The five outgoing member nations of Security Council in 2006 have already played their significant role in starting a journey towards freedom from fear by putting Burma’s long due question of democracy in the permanent agenda on council’s 15th September 2006 meeting. Although the United Republic of Tanzania abstained from the voting but its abstention also paved the way towards realization of democracy in Burma. Now the world has to see that, how Burma’s question and detention of Aung San Suu Kyi – world’s only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize recipient gets tackled by the new five non-permanent members of Security Council in 2007? Indonesian Member of Parliament, Mr. Djoko Susilo has already made a historical appeal on 15th December 2006 in Asian Tribune, calling Muslims to support strong UN Security Council action on Burma particularly directed towards Qatar and Republic of the Congo to re-think their Burma policy. Qatar and Congo, which had voted against freedom move on Burma in Security Council’s 5526th meeting together with Russia and China, enjoys a new diplomatic relations with Burma’s military junta and are keen to exploit Burma’s energy and nuclear business market.

Russia and China, which are already in the race of capturing as much of the energy fields in Burma would see new competitor as Qatar in near future, if the comradeship goes in tandem in 2007 at the cost of human values and objectives of UN charter in the Security Council. And for uranium rich Congo, Burma could be a major MacKenna’s Gold field to sell its uranium to military junta’s new developing nuclear facilities near Setkhya Mountains and east of Mandalay in Maymyo.

It happened, as it was expected that Burma issue wouldn’t be taken up under Qatar’s Presidency of UN Security Council in December 2006. It is also unlikely that issue of freedom from fear in Burma would be included in January 2007, as Russia has the Presidency of the UN Security Council in that month. However the hope for freedom agenda could be expected in the month of February or March 2007, when Slovakia and United Kingdom consecutively gets the Presidency of UN Security Council. Burma’s military junta’s rich record of respecting human rights & values has already found its place in procedural matters of Security Council. And now it is high time for other big five powers (China, US, France, Russia and UK) to go beyond business propositions of profit maximization practices to include it as a substantive agenda to release Daw Suu Kyi from house arrest, who has already spent longest detention in Asia (to any political person) against the spirit & words of United Nations Charter.

It is for big five powers of Security Council to understand that United Nations various committees, commissions and working group like – United Nations working group on Arbitrary Detention’s recent fact finding mission to Turkey on 20th October 2006 would get real legitimacy, if they go with the true ethos of its establishment of resolution 1991/42 and freeing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi – the symbol of democracy in Asia.


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